Monday, 19 October 2015

Clovelly Again - Two Trips 17th and 18th of October 2015

Now I know I already did a post on Clovelly last week but I work at a teenage rehab and I had a few kids over the weekend who had never been snorkeling so I figured Clovelly was a great beginner spot. And plus the beauty of snorkelling is that you are always going to get different photos and see new friends. So without further Adieu:

Got some more great shots of Blue Gropers; the kids loved how friendly and inquisitive they were coming up to suss us out.

Another real treat was a decent sized octopus I spotted under a rock, I’m fairly sure this is called a Common Octopus; but they have earned the nickname of gloomy due to those sad eyes.

We also followed a flighty little porcupinefish for awhile.

I couldn’t get a great look at the guy below, but to my amateur knowledge looks like a Blue Lined Goatfish; a shy little mullet native to Australia's Pacific coast.

Also saw plenty of common stripeys also nicknamed 'footballers' due to their distinctive pattern.

A male Crimson Banded Wrasse also made an appearance (though I didn't get a great shot)

And scored a very arty shot of a school of Eastern Sea Garfish.

All in all two more trips that cemented Clovelly as one of Sydneys premier snorkeling spots.


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  2. the first shot of the blue gopher is great..looks like he's smiling!