Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Week of Bad Weather - Clovelly and Little Bay Again

This week hasn’t had the best weather but I still managed to get under a couple of times, with a few kids from work. Really can’t complain about a job that pays me to snorkel. As the visibility wasn’t great and I didn’t get many decent shots I thought I would just combine the trips into one post.

Clovelly once again provided the goods with plenty of inquisitive gropers.

I also found another Common Octopus, but this guy was a bit more feisty and put on a bit of a show.

They can be hard to spot because of their impressive camoflage

I may have got a bit too close

Two days later and the weather was still pretty dicey but a half hour in Little Bay provided a few treats. The first was a common stingaree; a type of stingray that was first described by Joseph Banks an English Naturalist who was on Captain Cooks first voyage in 1768. They get to be about 50 cm and hang out on sandy shores and rocky reefs.

I also finally managed to score a semi-decent shot of an old wife (last weeks poor effort had been haunting me).

And two more Porcupinefish.

And a dusky butterfly fish.

The little guy in the back right.

I'm hoping the weather will clear up over the next few days and I can head to some new spots to explore.

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