Thursday, 16 February 2017

Cabbage Tree Bay - Long Weekend

With a long weekend, I figured it was worth getting out of my local neighbourhood and hitting one of my favourite South Sydney spots... Cabbage Tree Bay. The water was cool and clear so this is another pretty long post.

There were a few big Blue Gropers out in force. Surprisingly the Eastern Blue Groper is not actually a 'grouper' but in fact a wrasse. The juveniles are typically a greenish brown, in females this shifts to a reddish brown with age, whilst the adult male are bright blue. They can grow to be 1.2m, with a round belly, heavy scales, and thick lips.

There was also a heap of other wrasses out and about.

Senator Wrasse:

Crimson Banded Wrasse:

Maori Wrasse:

Their juvenile offspring:

And my first ever Rainbow Wrasse:

I also found a massive Old Wife, hiding down deep.

There was a couple of Indo-Pacific Sergeant's enjoying the clear water.

Not to mention an adult and child pair of Neon Damsel's.

I haven't yet figured out this black and yelllow fellow.

I also didn't know this spotty:

I found a great Blacksaddle Goatfish:

There were plenty of Black Tipped Bullseye's:

A big school of Squid:

There were Rock Cale's chewing on algae everywhere:

A terrific Fan Bellied File Fish:

I love this bay.