Thursday, 15 October 2015

About this blog

Welcome. Strap on some flippers, spit on your mask and dive on in to my blogo-sphere. I’m starting this blog (my first foray into virtual journaling) as I noticed a distinct lack of information about good spots to snorkel in Sydney. I’m hoping this can help keep me motivated to snorkel and chronicle my undersea adventures (I always loved pokemon snap) and also provide a guide for tourists or locals on some of Sydney’s best spots.

Now I want to stress, I am an amateur. I have only gotten into snorkelling over the past couple of years; I am still fairly uncoordinated in flippers and have virtually no knowledge of marine biology. I also am not a great photographer and all of my shots will be taken with a little point and snap underwater Nikon.   However, despite these failings I love being underwater and as I work a job with weird hours snorkelling is one of my favourite things to do alone whilst all my friends are off at work.

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