Friday, 16 October 2015

Clovelly 16 10 15 Afternoon


I thought I would start this blog off with a splash! Clovelly is one of Sydney’s top snorkelling spots. Due to man made barriers, it is a secluded narrow channel that is mostly untouched by big surf. It is a breeze to get to with plenty of buses as well as a decent sized car park that doesn’t charge. Because of the calm conditions there is a perfect environment for coral and kelp, which allows for a huge abundance and variety of marine life.

Some of the fishy friends on offer.
I got down there about 2pm and the water was perfect; great temperature and good visibility. With not too many other swimmers cluttering up the place. Within an hour I had spotted more than half of the guys on the board as well as two highlights; a beautiful 1m port Jackson shark and a 1.5m wobbegong. Whilst wobbey’s are fairly part and parcel for this area, the Jackson was a real treat.

You are also almost guaranteed to see a bunch of blue gropers; I would have seen at least 5 today. Keep your eyes peeled for “Bluey”; a local legend with a distinctive cut on his right side. The male gropers have more of a blue colour whilst the females are slightly greener and smaller.

I also spotted a decent sized porcupine fish (probably about 40cm)

  • Easy to get to (Free parking – usually easy to get a space, and a solid bus route)
  • The sheer number and variety of fish
  • Nearby café
  • Safe for kids – if you go in close to the beach
  • Usually great visibility and not much trash
  • If there is big surf and it is coming from the right angle it can get pretty dicey in the channel, and can cause rough visibility

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