Thursday, 1 February 2018

Parsley Bay - Two Trips

Over the holidays I had a few friends in town keen to give snorkeling a go, so I thought Parsley Bay would be a perfect beginner spot. They were great days above and below :)

Everywhere I looked the juveniles were out and schooling.

Another guarantee for Parsley Bay is Common Stingaree's. Whilst they look quite dangerous the chance of a sting is low, usually only occurring in shallow water when swimmers step on one accidentally.

I may have gotten too close to this one.
Rough Flutemouths were also cruising around the shark nets.

And a couple of Fan-Bellied Filefish.

Moon Jellies provided a chance to try out my new strobe light (more on that in my next post).

Toadfish also provided a few good shots. I'm not too sure if this is a Smooth Toadfish as it is a bit more yellow than I usually see.

Mourning Cuttlefish were also camouflaged all over the place.

However, the big surprise of the trip was this new weird fish I hadn't seen before. I'm thinking it could be a Sand Flounder but I'm not too sure yet. I took a fair few shots just because I couldn't get passed it's sideways frowny face, camo, and strange swimming style.

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  1. there's an old saying...flat as a flounder.