Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Clovelly - Octopus and Stingray Day

So I have been little slack in putting up new posts lately, mainly because I have been spending so much time underwater lately. So here is a quick recap of yesterday but I have about 7 different dives I will combine into a few posts in the next few weeks :)

When I first jumped in I was immediately met with a Common Stingaree cruising along in the shallows.

Even though the water was very green I managed to get a few more shots of Sea Hare's.

And found a Rainbow Wrasse, and White Ear hanging out together.

However, the highlight was two Gloomy Octopuses I found close together. At the start, I spotted the little one's eyes between two rocks.

However, once I turned around I found a bigger Gloomy (larger than a basketball) well camouflaged into the rocks.

At the end of watching these two for awhile, I got the chance to see something pretty incredible. With a male Blue Groper cruising over the head of the big Octopus before quickly taking a bite out of the smaller one which let out a big jet of black ink. Although I didn't get great photos as I was too interested in watching, I hope you get the picture.

You can spot him just below.

That black swirl is the ink.

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  1. the gopher bit the octopus! impressive! One shot of the sea Hare is great...looks like he is out in space. Good to see you back Enzo James!