Saturday, 16 January 2016

Parsley Bay

Well it’s been awhile, my point and shoot needed to be sent to the doctor for a repair. Which has been a bit of a pain as I hit plenty of new spots over the last two months. Anyways as soon as I got my little Nikon back alive and well I decided to head for Parsley Bay.

Although Parsley Bay doesn’t offer the big fish that some of Sydney’s bays have to offer, it does have a plethora of smaller animals who take advantage of the shark nets. As the bay is inside the harbour it is well protected and makes for calm water even during high seas.

To enter for a swim you can just head straight out from the beach (I recommend hugging the left hand side).

However, I usually take the ramp access near the shark nets, and head straight across the bay to explore the rocky crevasses on the other side.

These nooks are full of seaweed and kelp forests which make for some great hiding spots, so keep your eyes peeled.

Not to mention some striking coral formations.

Although I didn’t have much luck with the fish in today’s conditions, I did have some fun snapping  Moon Jellies.

 It’s worthwhile hugging the shark nets on the way back, as I often see tiny seahorses clinging to the rope. However today there was only schooling Maori Wrasse and Mado about.

Outside of the water you’re bound to spot a few Eastern Water Dragon’s

Although today wasn’t all that spectacular I know from past visits that it is well worth exploring; and I’m hoping I will be able to do another post soon which does the bay justice.

Pros of Parsley Bay
  • Plenty of free parking
  • Public showers and toilets plus a great little kiosk
  • Beautiful natural surrounds
  • On a weekend typically has an awesome family vibe
  • Shark nets during the summer months
  • Good in rough weather

Cons of Parsley Bay
  • No big fellas
  • Can be quite silty as it is inside the harbour
  • Can be a lucky dip; one day you might see 4 seahorses, 2 stingarees, and an eel and the next only a few bream.

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