Saturday, 16 January 2016

Clovelly :)

I know, I know, Clovelly again but what can I say it’s just the best spot near me J I got these shots on two separate trips recently; and conditions were just perfect.

Before long I was tailing a dazzling Senator Wrasse. These little guys cruise around the coral on the hunt for algae, small crustations and worms. They are really energetic during the day but are usually the first in bed.

It seemed like wrasse's were out in force as it didn't take me long to find a sheltering female Crimson Banded Wrasse.

And a male out trying to find her.

The males are slightly larger growing to 40 cm, and are much more colourful.
There was plenty to look at:

Silver Sweep

Smooth Toadfish
A Three Bar Porcupinefish (named for obvious reasons).

A tiny Neon Damsel-Fish (that little blue speck)
A fair sized Red Morwong.

I also finally got some decent shots of a Roundbelly Cowfish.

I again spotted this little black guy who I am yet to figure out.

Edit: These guys are called White Ear's (Parma Microlepis)

Even the coral was looking great.

Mado were out everywhere.

And what I think might have been a school of YellowTail Scad but I am not too sure.

I tailed a baby Common Stingaree for awhile.

But the highlight was of course the Blue Gropers.

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