Thursday, 29 March 2018

Gordons Bay

I thought it was about time I post about somewhere new and with some sunshine over the weekend Gordons Bay provided just the spot.

Nestled between Coogee and Clovelly, Gordons is a secluded oasis only accessible by the small boardwalk entry. The small beach forms a part of the Bronte-Coogee aquatic reserve and is home to one of Sydney's only underwater nature trail's. This self guided scuba/snorkelling adventure is like an underwater bushwalking track with concrete drums linked by a metal chain forming a 600-metre trail, with information displayed on steel plaques.

When I first jumped in I was met with a wave of human rubbish and natural flotsam - unfortunately, this is what had deterred me every other time I had come to Gordons Bay.

However, a friend had advised me to persevere and make it about 50 metres out and sure enough, visibility cleared right up.

In fact the further I went the more I found.

From a lonely Smooth Toadfish
A well lit Silver Sweep

Some colourful Juvenile Southern Maori Wrasse.

A few Indo-Pacific Sergeant's

I even scared a school of toadies

Common Stingaree's were lurking everywhere

Rainbow Wrasse

All in all Gordons Bay is another great spot in Sydney.
- Usually pretty empty
- Great variety of fish due to marine park
- Close to Clovelly so can hit both within a few hours

- Not much parking
- Can be very dirty with poor visibility


  1. all pictures is beautiful under the sea. most beautiful picture was I even scared a school of toadies and rainbow wrasse. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful images Sydney Silver Service

  2. Some amazing snaps of the wonders of the ocean!!