Sunday, 29 January 2017

Three Trip Combo - Parsley Bay (X2) and Clovelly

Because of this glorious summer weather I have spent a fair bit of time underwater lately but have been a bit slack in the uploads. I thought I would post up a combo of a few different trips I have taken to Parsley Bay and Clovelly; I also have another few posts from different places that I will put up in the next week or so. 

Parsley Bay 

Despite how good it looks, it was a little murky and rough on some of those trips so the photos might be a little greener than usual. As is usual for the East Coast of Australia there were plenty of Common Stingaree's. These little guys are extremely abundant and during Captain Cook's 'first' fleet the naturalist Joseph Banks sketched the earliest known taxonomical drawing of a Common Stingaree.

This guy had made a decent sized hole digging up worms.
Lots of little fellas were trying to brave the rough seas.

A family of Common Stripeys

A duo of YellowTail Scad

I still haven't tracked down the name of this black and white striped triangle fish (have also spotted at Little Bay before)

Edit: I believe this is a Crested Morwong

Or these small pinkies.

Edit: I think this is a Sydney CardinalFish

I liked the way the light caught this tiny jelly in the murky water.

And I always find Fan-Bellied Filefish interesting.


Clovelly was a whole lot clearer than Parsley Bay.With Smooth Toadfish out in force.

I got a few great shots of another un-named.

And right at the end of my battery life I managed to spy a cleverly hidden Common Octopus.


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  2. Hey Hey, glad you are enjoying the posts. In regards to the gear I bring with me, usually I leave most of my stuff in the car (wallet, phone etc) and then just take my car keys down to the beach. When I do catch the bus usually I just leave all my stuff wrapped up in my bag. In my experience most Sydney beaches are pretty safe but theft does happen.

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