Tuesday, 13 December 2016


With hot days I'm getting plenty of photos at the moment so I thought I would throw up another collection from Clovelly. 

As you may have noticed I have been a little obsessed with Sea Hare's at the moment, so I thought I would get those shots out of the way early.

As always the Blue Gropers were nice and inquisitive.

I even scored a selfie with one.
I tracked down a few White Ear's, it's worth watching out during mating season as they can get a bit nippy.

I got a great photo of a large Smooth Toadfish.

Silver Sweep were plentiful as always.

I love seeing Roundbelly Cowfish out and about. Even though I was almost directly behind him you can still see his eye watching me.

Neon Damselfish were everywhere too, I promise that one day I will get a closeup.

And of course schools of Mado.


  1. Nice, thanks for the write up! I will be in Sydney mid-Feb for 2 weeks and would love to get in some shore snorkeling on the weekends. Could you recommend some of the best or favorite can't-miss places? I want to hit 2-3 in a day if the weather permits. Are the water conditions typically best in the mornings? I'm used to snorkeling in the Caribbean and never swam in the Pacific

    1. Heya, glad you liked it. It really depends where you are staying in Sydney. If you are near the Eastern Suburbs my favourites would be: Little Bay (one of the most beautiful beaches around, pretty well protected from the surf), or Clovelly (easy to get too, lots of big fish around because its a marine park). If you are in North Sydney I dont think anywhere can beat Shelly Beach near Manly (another marine park and you usually get great visibility). If you're further South either Oak Park or Wattamolla (not as busy as the city beaches, lots more little guys). Water conditions are a bit tricky, I usually get the best clarity around midday on cloudless days, when the tide is switching from high to low. Hope you have a good time :)