Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lil Bay

With the water temperature dropping I have been trying to squeeze in as many swims as possible. I know I have already done Little Bay a few times; but its a favourite spot and the visibility was pretty perfect on the weekend.

Common Stripey's were using the clear water for plenty of snacking.
It didn't take me long to find a tiny Neon Damsel fish among the rocks.

I also found a little Yellow Tang; which I haven't seen before at this spot

Another real highlight was this Yellow Boxfish. These tiny guys are easy to identify due to their bright yellow box-shaped bodies with black dots. They are usually solitary feeding on molluscs and tiny algae. 

I scored a few great shots of three different Sea Hares, perched on a ridge.

And got pretty close to a fairly flighty Dusky Butterfly Fish.

I once again came across this little orange and white beauty which I just can't name.

And took a few obligatory coral and group shots of Common Stripeys and Mado.

After a dip like this it leaves me wishing winter wasn't so close :)

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  1. Love the yellow📦🐠....great shots once again :)