Monday, 2 November 2015

Clovelly Once More 30th 10 2015

What can I say I’m a sucker for Clovelly. But I'll let the pictures do the talking ;)

A couple more shots of some Blue Gropers.

Including this popular lady who was being tailed by a school of Mado.

I also finally got a few shots of what I think is a Roundbelly Cowfish. I have run into this little green, horned fellow plenty of times but as they are so quick and flighty I can never seem to get a decent photo.

Found a tiny school of what I think are Juvenile Southern Maori Wrasse along the far wall.

Plenty of decent sized Bream.

This evil looking black fish with a white stripe (I see plenty of these around but have never found out their name).

Edit: These guys are called White Ear's (Parma Microlepis)
A lonely Mado. 

A great bit of stringy blue coral I hadn’t seen before.

This awesome Sea Hare; a type of sea slug named as its large tentacles supposedly look like the ears of a hare. They  are usually pretty tough to spot due to their incredible camouflage, but if they find themselves in danger they can release a purple dye which acts as a smoke screen whilst they glide away.

And my favourite ‘arty’ shot of the day.


  1. Hi Enzo, what a fabulous blog you have here! I found it through the comment you left on Concret Playground. Keep up the great work as we are always looking to try new spots and I am learning so much about the sea creatures from your blog! Yes Clovelly is also a favourite for me - love your last shot.

    1. Heya Pristine, thanks for your lovely comment. It really gives me the motivation to keep posting knowing that your getting something out of it. Hopefully when the weather clears up a bit I will be able to suss out some new spots and as I keep posting my knowledge (and grammar) will get a bit better too ;)