Thursday, 29 March 2018

Gordons Bay

I thought it was about time I post about somewhere new and with some sunshine over the weekend Gordons Bay provided just the spot.

Nestled between Coogee and Clovelly, Gordons is a secluded oasis only accessible by the small boardwalk entry. The small beach forms a part of the Bronte-Coogee aquatic reserve and is home to one of Sydney's only underwater nature trail's. This self guided scuba/snorkelling adventure is like an underwater bushwalking track with concrete drums linked by a metal chain forming a 600-metre trail, with information displayed on steel plaques.

When I first jumped in I was met with a wave of human rubbish and natural flotsam - unfortunately, this is what had deterred me every other time I had come to Gordons Bay.

However, a friend had advised me to persevere and make it about 50 metres out and sure enough, visibility cleared right up.

In fact the further I went the more I found.

From a lonely Smooth Toadfish
A well lit Silver Sweep

Some colourful Juvenile Southern Maori Wrasse.

A few Indo-Pacific Sergeant's

I even scared a school of toadies

Common Stingaree's were lurking everywhere

Rainbow Wrasse

All in all Gordons Bay is another great spot in Sydney.
- Usually pretty empty
- Great variety of fish due to marine park
- Close to Clovelly so can hit both within a few hours

- Not much parking
- Can be very dirty with poor visibility

Friday, 9 February 2018

Little Bay and Clovelly Jan 2018

So as I mentioned in my last post over Christmas I was lucky enough to get given a new strobe flash for my Nikon. This had lead to many more trips to the beach but I'm still getting the hang of the new gear so you will have to bear with me. Here are two trips I recently did to Little Bay and Clovelly.

Little Bay

A little Roundbelly-Cowfish 
White Ear's were keeping an eye on me.

The water at Little Bay has some of Sydney's best visibility

Found a Mourning CuttleFish hiding in the rocks. 

Featherduster Coral 
Smooth Toadfish

Let me know if anyone lost their bank card.

Sea Hare's gave me the chance to play with the new light

Bluie made an appearance 

Red Morwong 

Common Stingaree

This Mourning Cuttlefish really showing how much he can change his camo

Neon Damsel-Fish

And I had my first run-in with a Nudibranch in Clovelly